Hello and thanks for supporting us. We have been around since 2003 and with more than 35 years in the LPG carburetion field. We can give you the support you need to keep your customers up and running.

We carry most LP propane parts in stock and ready to ship. We have over 600 different LPG kit desigh dating from the 1950's since my father Robert L. Nolff started in his garage as a young man. His first company was called Propane Carburetion and started in the 60's.

He started off hauling forklift cylinders for a propane fuel company and before long he got ask to do there propane service repairs on forklift.  And the rest is history

He then wanted to brand his name in the LPG carburetion world and that's when NOLFF'S Carburetion started. He grew this company into a family sytle care business with the customer's in mind. Along the way there were many changes he then started to make an alterative product to the market with introducing the NOLFF product line.

The moral of this story is I Matthew L. Nolff has had a life time of working with some of the Greatest carburetion men in the world. We here at PNG will carry out this same responsbilitys as we were taught.

Thanks Matthew L. Nolff